Many wise people have often said that ones attitude makes all the difference in the world. You know what…. they are right. As I complete my first full year on dialysis, I’ve tried it both ways. I’ve been down in the dumps and my treatments were just torture and I’ve walked in with an upbeat attitude and my treatments were a lot better. But I can’t take all the credit for my good days. See I’m very lucky that I have a couple of great guys that also do dialysis with me. If we were in grade school, we’d be known as the class clowns. We are always kidding with each other and cracking jokes. I think we might even make the other patients a little uncomfortable. But it gets us through with smiles instead of tears. I’m so thankful for Chris and Stacie. You see, unless you’ve been through this mess, you just can’t relate. Here, try this simple exercise. Sit in a chair, without moving much for 4 hours. Not too easy to do. Ok, now add a blood pressure cuff that takes your BP every 15 minutes. Ok, now add 2 huge needles in your leg (or arm). Lastly, look over to your left and see your own blood running through a machine and then being pumped back in to your body…. See, you better have a sense of humor or this mess is just overwhelming. Just try the 4 hour exercise and let me know how you make out. So to the other patients that suffer from the woe is me attitude that I see 3 days a week… my advice to you is try humor. It helps.