Kidney Real Talk

Eddie Z is an award winning Producer, Engineer and Guitarist that was diagnosed with kidney failure in July of 2012. Since 1994, Eddie has owned and operated The Playroom music facility in Charlotte, NC where he has worked with many of the worlds biggest artists including Anthony Hamilton, 3 Doors Down, Usher, Aaliyah, Phoenix, Buck […]

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Musician, teacher “Eddie Z” needs help, but wants focus on others

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Attitude makes all the difference

Many wise people have often said that ones attitude makes all the difference in the world. You know what…. they are right. As I complete my first full year on dialysis, I’ve tried it both ways. I’ve been down in the dumps and my treatments were just torture and I’ve walked in […]

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Almost Half of Americans Would Consider Donating Kidney to Stranger: Poll

THURSDAY, April 25 (HealthDay News) — Nearly half of Americans now say they would consider donating a kidney to a stranger, a new survey finds.

The number was even higher — 84 percent — when the Mayo Clinic’s national poll asked respondents whether they would be very or somewhat likely to consider donating a kidney or […]

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